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High-precision Weighing – From Heavyweight To Ultralight

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can dien tu hoa sen vang - video weighing

can dien tu hoa sen vang - video weighing
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Công ty Cân điện tử Hoa Sen Vàng trân trọng giới thiệu

Read more at: https://hoasenvang.com.vn/ -- http://lotusscale.com

New high-precision weighing platforms from METTLER TOLEDO.

The #PBK9 bench and #PFK9 floor scales combine unmatched precision with robust construction. This is the first range of industrial weighing platforms that provides a reliable resolution of up to 750,000 divisions with weighing capacities ranging from 600 grams to 3 tons.

The platforms are designed for weighing applications with tight tolerances in pharmaceutical and chemical production, precious metal processing or manufacturing of parts and components.

• Ensure accurate formulations with expensive or highly potent materials.
• Reduce give-away of expensive product during filling processes
• Accurately count bulk quantities of metal and plastic parts
• Verify the completeness of kits and modules and the integrity of complex structures

Whether your goal is to ensure consistent product quality, improve productivity or fulfill legal requirements, the #PBK9 bench scales and #PFK9 floor scales provide the accuracy you need - from heavyweight to ultralight.

PBK9 bench scales: http://www.mt.com/global/en/home/products/Industrial_Weighing_Solutions/bench-scales/weighing-platforms/high-resolution/pbk9.html?cmp=smo_GLO_YT_IND_OTH_Youtube_IND_
PFK9 floor scales: http://www.mt.com/gb/en/home/products/Industrial_Weighing_Solutions/floor-scales-heavy-duty/floor-scale/high-precision/pfk9.html?cmp=smo_GLO_YT_IND_OTH_Youtube_IND_

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Can cong nghiep hoa sen vang - video weighing
Can cong nghiep hoa sen vang - video weighing

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