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Intercomp LS-WIM Weigh-In-Motion Axle Scale Farmer Testimonial

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can dien tu hoa sen vang - video weighing

can dien tu hoa sen vang - video weighing
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An Intercomp LS-WIM scale solution is a key component to keeping your harvest running smoothly and ensuring trucks maximize time hauling grain keeping your combine running in the field.

Master your inventory
1. Know exactly where each bushel came from, who hauled it and where it was delivered

2. Allows partners to comingle grain at storage sites while tracking individual ownership of grain
3. Scale handles multiple trailer and axle configurations
4. Dairy and Beef operations can know exactly what a forage field yielded and bunker inventory, no more guessing!
5. Generates CSV file displaying net weight, truck ID, Source, and destination

1. Trucks can run 5 to 10 mph over scale while recording accurate axle weights. Eliminates having to stop on the scale
2. Use of Key FOB for each truck allows each load to be assigned Source, commodity, Truck and destination with one push of button
3. Large LED remote display with stop go light clearly tells operator when scale is ready for approach

Risk Management
1. Maintain accurate records for Federal Crop Insurance

Designed For Ag
1. 13’ wide deck allows for weighing of equipment with large flotation tires and footprints wider than standard trucks
2. 45K and 100K capacity decks are built to withstand high use and abusive environments
3. Engineered to last, this will be a purchase the next generation will use.
4. Smartly engineered 45K platform weights under 4,000 lbs. allowing you or your contractor to install without having to rent crane.

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Read more at: https://hoasenvang.com.vn/ -- http://lotusscale.com

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Can cong nghiep hoa sen vang - video weighing
Can cong nghiep hoa sen vang - video weighing

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