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PT300DW Portable Scales For Agriculture

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The PT300DW has been used by seed companies throughout the world where yield carts are not available to efficiently calculate yields at field trials and farmer’s fields. In addition, they have built up a reputation to be one of the most efficient and reliable portable solutions to accurately calculate forage yields.

The PT300DW Wheel load cells are used by many of the leading Ag Tire Manufacturing service teams and dealers to efficiently and safely adjust ballast and air pressure on equipment to prevent wheel hop and get the most horsepower to the ground.

PT300DW Key Benefits
• Efficiently and safely adjust ballast and air pressure on equipment
• Help your customer get the most HP to the ground
• Easily and accurately calculate silage yields

PT300DW Key Features Recap
• Wireless: No scale cables to connect or get damaged
• Solar Powered: Extends battery life up to year and no power
cables to deal with
• Robust: IP 67 rating = complete dust protection and withstands
water immersion
• Portable: Each pad weighs 62 lbs.
• Height: 3” height keeps wheels in air off ground even when working on softer surfaces like dirt. This also makes it easier to weigh applications that are using wider flotation tires.
• Versatile: Can see individual weights of each pad, total weight on
all pads or pair pads in two sets of two when weighing wider

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